Roof Replacement

roof replacementAre you in need of a full roof replacement for your home? We’re here to provide you with the right kind of replacement roof for your home.

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Roof Replacement Contractor

Finding a great roof replacement contractor isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Your roof protects your home. If it has any leaks or other issues, it can damage your house, your property, and even your health.

It’s vital that whoever does your roof replacement knows what they’re doing. We’ve put on hundreds of roofs, and we know how to properly install every type of roofing. Once we’re finished with your new roof, you can sleep soundly knowing that your home is protected.

Shingle Roofs

roof replacementWhen most people think of roofs, they think of traditional sloped shingle roofs. These are quite common for a number of reasons. Shingles are durable yet inexpensive, plus sloped roofs make it easy for water to run off of them. They also provide extra space in your attic that acts as a buffer for your home.

This buffer fills up with air, making it easier to heat and cool your home. Singles are very easy to install, too, so they lower the time it takes to complete your roof replacement. There’s not much maintenance to do with them, either.

Flat Roofs
Flat roofs are almost the exact opposite of sloped shingle roofs in many ways. They aren’t quite as durable and need to be replaced a little more often. That said, you can go about 20 years before you need to do a roof replacement, so it’s not like a flat roof needs replaced that often. You can extend its life by having repairs and regular maintenance done, too. Flat roofs aren’t totally flat, either.

Most of the flat roofs done on homes have a slight slant that helps water run off them. Flat roofs also tend to be very affordable, and you may find that the cost is even less than shingle roofs.

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