Shingle Roofs

new shingle roofsDid you know we replace more shingle roofs in Alabama than almost anyone else? When you need an experienced roofing contractor who knows how to properly remove and replace these types of roofs, APEX should be your first call!

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Our team has spent years installing and repairing asphalt shingles for homeowners all across Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Shingle Roof Replacement

Installing new shingle roofs may seem fairly easy, but there are some common problems that can occur. If you aren’t working with a contractor who has experience with shingle roof replacement, you might find that your home’s new roof doesn’t last very long. If the roof isn’t installed correctly, it can lead to many problems within just a few years.

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The shingles have to be laid correctly, the flashing must be installed correctly, and the roof ventilation must be leak-free. We understand these issues and will make certain everything is done correctly during installation.

Shingle Roof Repair

shingle roof leaksSometimes the damage to shingle roofs isn’t bad enough that the entire roof needs to be replaced. In that case, shingle roof repair experts can save you a good amount of money by leaving the undamaged part of your roof alone. We’ll focus on the areas that are leaking or may be likely to develop a leak.

We can also focus on bigger issues, such as limbs that have fallen on your home or severe storm damage. No matter what the problem, our team is ready to fix shingle roofs quickly and affordably.

Shingle Roofing Cost
The cost of any type of roof repair or replacement does vary depending on a number of factors. Larger shingle roofs require more materials and time, making replacements more costly. Some repairs are also easier than others. Those that are more complex and take more time won’t be as affordable.

However, no matter what the issue is, we will do everything we can to keep costs below your budget. Roof repairs are often unexpected expenses, and we’ll do what we can to decrease that expense while still providing you with a dependable roof and quality service.

We install, repair and replace shingle roofs in Orlando, FL including: Kissimmee, St Cloud, Maitland, Windermere, Celebration, Longwood, Apopka, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs and surrounding areas.